A look back
A look back to the history of Tractor Pulling in Luxembourg guides you in the year 1983, when some Dutch and German pullers showed the astonished visitors of an agriculture show in Ettelbruck how to pull an iron sled with Modified and Super Stock tractors.

In 1985, a Car and Old Trecker-Treck was organised in Vichten, while Bettborn invited to their first Trecker-Treck.

Beeing a great success, we saw two pulls in 1986, one in Bettborn and one in Vichten. The organisation in Vichten had even build their first modified sled, and stopped Dutch tractors like Angel Dust, Blue Angel, Grasshopper, Deere Hunter and not to forget the first modified tractor of Luxembourg Yellow Devil, as well as Crazy Horse, the first modified tractor of the actual Roude Léiw Team.

In the same year 1986, the promotors of these two pulls decided to found the LTPF, that time under the name LTTO- Lëtzebuerger Trecker-Treck Organisatioun